This analysis helps you find out which categories and products are the best selling and less performing ones. You can find here the following essential factors:

Number of Products: Shows the number of products in that category

Number of Sales: The total number of sales of products in that category

Revenue: Revenue generated from that category

Changes in the revenue compared to a previous period

By clicking on one of the categories, you can get a list of its products. You can gain an insight into the amount sold, the generated revenue, and you will see if there is a change in revenue compared to a previous period.

Accordingly, with this function you can check the different time intervals to see which product categories are the best in sales so you can plan a marketing and sales campaign for the same period of time in the future.

As a result, this feature can help you improve your sales and marketing strategy. At the same time, don’t forget to take into consideration the context and the factors that might influence the products’ performance. Did you have a campaign to boost sales? Is it a seasonal product? Have any circumstances occurred that might have an impact on the increasing or decreasing interest in that product? But no need to rush forward. First of all, you need numbers and data – provided by Conversific.

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