As shop owners, we can also acquire some vital information if we get to know where our best customers are from since wrongly targeted ads can result in a considerable waste of marketing expense. However, in most cases, we have the opportunity to target these ads quite precisely based on either the demographic data we mentioned previously or the visitors of the geographic area we want to get our offers to. Therefore, if we are familiar with the data, we can save money and maximize our profits at the same time.

Let’s see an example:

When communicating something about any product from our shop, whether this happens onsite or on a separate ad platform, it’s always important to direct it to the intended target group and find a common language that they understand and relate to. Fancy ads are useless if the intended audience can’t make an emotional connection. And we need to accomplish these in seconds. Time is of an essence.

If we wrongly communicate our content, we may not be able to grab our visitors’ attention in time, resulting in a failed offer although it’s not always the offer that’s at fault.

If we already know which demographic segments our best customers are from, slightly rephrasing our message with the same content but in style appropriate to the target audience will come a long way. Sticking with this rather general example, using formal expressions should be avoided for customers who are between 14-24 years old.

If our marketing tool allows it, two versions of the same campaign effort are worth testing to see which one of them brings better results, but if it doesn’t, the success of a better way of communication will be visible in the growth of our profits.

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