I totally understand. Similar emails. Same pitch.

This only proves one thing they see the potential of your e-commerce site to make it big.

And we see it too. Here's why:

Grabbing your visitor's attention is just the beginning. You need to monitor and understand its performance using data-driven analytics to improve conversions. And these data can be very complex that often times, you end up paying a full-time SEO/Marketing Specialist/Conversion Expert/Data Scientist/etc; a jack of all trades who will do the research for you.

We are in the success business. We don't want to waste your time that's why we created a smart solution that let's you focus more on growing your business, and less time number crunching on the back end. It's called Conversific.

With Conversific, you get ready-to-decide information and data insights about your site’s performance in an easy to understand way making you react to any business trends fast.


Get your free trial here: http://conversific.com

Here's an opportunity for you to place your confidence in a product much more relate-able with what you want to achieve with your site.

Improve efficiency. Grow your business. Repeat.

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