After connecting with Shopify you can utilize the power of Conversific if you connect your Google Analytics account, as well.

Click on 'Connect' here:

Click on 'Add Google Account', login to the Google Analytics account that is connected with your Shopify store and Enable the permission.

After it, you can choose your account and view that you want to connect now.

You are ready!

Finish the project settings or go to connecting Search Console.

PLEASE NOTE: if the data can't download or you can't choose the proper view, check these:

Login to your GA account and find the view of your store. Click on the “ADMIN” section.


Click on the ACCOUNT section>User management

Find the email address you want to use for your Conversific account and check the Account Permissions. All of the permissions need to be checked. (Manage Users/Edit/Collaborate/Read&Analyze). (for more information, please visit GA support page here)

If your email address doesn’t have all the permissions, find an e-mail address that has all and ask for the owner to give you these permissions.


Step back to the ADMIN section and go to View>Ecommerce Settings. If the status says Enable Ecommerce, you are ready. If not, please switch OFF the button to enable Ecommerce (Related Products: OFF). Enhanced Ecommerce Settings should stay OFF and click on the Submit button. You are now ready with your GA settings.


Go to the AUDIENCE>Demographics>Overview and click on Enable.

NOTE: If you enabled the demographic tracking now, the Google Analytics would start to collect the data now, so you have to wait to see any data here.

Visit Google Analytics Support page for more:

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