Connecting with Google Search Console is quite simple.
Just click on 'Connect', choose your e-mail address that is connected to your Shopify store's Search Console account and that's it!

Click on 'Add Google Account', login to the Search Console account that is connected with your store and Enable the permission.

After it, you can choose your account and view that you want to connect now.

How do you know that your connection is not working?

If you haven't got any data in the SEO Productivity insights within the Marketing Optimization Module, please audit your permission in your Google Search Console account.

To track your SEO keywords performance you need to connect your Search Console account with OWNER permission.

How to check your search console permission?

Login to your Conversific account, go to the projects – choose a project by clicking on the project name. Here you can see which domain is connected to your Conversific account.

It is very important to make difference between the domain given with http:// or https:// and with or without www. You must use here your primary domain - the same that anybody can see after opening your site.

PLEASE NOTE: We can measure the SEO performance only if the domain is absolutely the same here and your Search Console.

Login to Google Search Console (it need to be used with the SAME email as you used for your Google Analytics account) and find the same domain as you found in Conversific.

Find the cogwheel icon and choose the Users and Property Owners section.

Find the email address you want to use for your Conversific account and check whether it has an owner permission or not.

If you can’t see here this e-mail address but you have owner permission with another e-mail address, it’s easy. You need only ADD a NEW owner e-mail address by clicking Manage Property Owners.

But if you haven’t got any owner permissions, please contact one of the owner e-mail addresses and ask for creating an owner permission to your e-mail address.

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