There are plenty of platforms that make it easy to capture data and analytics about your e-commerce site. But when it comes to understanding the data you’ve captured, it’s not always clear what’s important and where to make changes.

For example, the Google Analytics has all the data you need, but it doesn't empower you to make the right strategic decisions. However it is complicated create reports, and dashboards, and also you need a specialist who can help you.

One of the main issues we faced working with e-commerce sites over the past five years was sorting through all the website data and results. We found that many e-commerce site owners didn’t know which data was important for their business or how to track it. As a result, they didn’t know where to make improvements. So we made our solution easy to use and easy to understand.

Our software not just measures the data. It creates easy to use reports what you can use immediately in the decision-making process. So we collecting data and analyze them too. Secondly, our software gives you some tips how you can use these reports.

How does Conversific work?

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