Conversific is an actionable Business Intelligence software specialized for eCommerce. It gives you ready-to-decide information about your site's performance. The data insights are easy to understand so you no longer need an analyst.

It auto-collects data from both your e-commerce store and GA account and transforms them into meaningful information that you can immediately use for your business planning and strategy. Conversific also gives you instant optimization tips for maximum revenue potential.

Use Conversific to answer common questions such as:

Search Engine Optimization
How much will my revenue increase if I optimize X or Y SEO keywords
Who should I target to maximize revenue? What’s my best geography for sales?
Customer Loyalty
Who are my loyal customers? How can I persuade them to make another purchase?
Best Categories
Which categories have the highest and lowest revenue?
Package Deals
Which products should I bundle so customers will buy them together more frequently?

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Conversific not only shows you the data but gives you actionable advice about what to do. Using its handy “What You Can Do” sections, you get instant tips that you can make to improve your store’s product placements: product arrangements, product information, and so on! Conversific makes it easy to
put your data into action and get things done - the right way!

In addition, easily grow your customer base by winning new buyers while nurturing your loyal ones. Customer Loyalty Box shows you the customers categorized by the engagement rate so you can export the loyalty customers and give them a reward or focus on the customers who are in risk and turn them into returning customers before the opportunity goes away. Conversific knows what your customers want, so why not give it to them?

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