When it comes to data,  there are two main activities you should spend your time on. These are: 

Activity #1: Periodical KPI checks 

This means having the right “dashboard” to see if everything is going as planned, or if there’s something off. 

Periodical KPI checks work best when there’s some sort of schedule when you check your KPIs. Whether you feel that’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, it’s important to know time to have these KPI “sweeps” for maintenance. 

As rule of thumb, spend:

  1. 2 minutes / day
  2. 15 minutes / week
  3. 60 minutes / month

That's only about 2 hours a month.

Activity #2: Deep Issue Analysis

If your periodical KPI inspections show you have an issue somewhere, this is where the deep issue analysis come in. This is when you dive deep into the data, attacking the root of the problem, and then take action. 

The Deep issue Analysis is all about understanding the  “why” behind the issues. 

There is no "upper limit" to Deep Issue Analysis - it really depends on the issue itself, and the importance of the issue.

Good news: Deep Issue Analysis is something that can be outsourced to data analysts.

What tools to use for each activity?

The answer is simple:

  1. For Periodical KPI checks: this is the reason we created Conversific for. We collected all the main KPIs you need to check daily, weekly, monthly. 
  2. For Deep Issue Analysis: we recommend using mainly Google Analytics, or - depending on the issue - some other tool might be necessary.
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